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Hear Here! Resources

Find useful tips, information and other resources connected to Hear Here!

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Suggested Recordings of Handel's Coronation Anthems

Take a look at some of the recordings available of Handel's Coronation Anthems.

Hear Here! 'Beat the Clock'

How sharp is your listening? How quick is your musical memory? Play the Hear Here! 'Beat the Clock' game.

Listening Quotes

Please listen carefully and try to hear what I am not saying. - Charles C. Finn

Notes into Letters - 10 poems on listening

Listen to ten specially commissioned poems about listening written by some of the UK's leading writers.

Useful Sites

Search through a range of sites connected with the Hear Here! Project.

Ear Here! Gallery

This exhibition of original images of musicians’ ears has been specially commissioned for Hear Here! from photographer Violeta Houbenova.

The New Ear?

Read about Cochlear implants and listen to what using a device sounds like.

The Ever-Decreasing Glissando!

Listen to this auditory illusion!

Musical Spot the difference

Can you recognize musical tones or rhythms? Do you have the natural listening talent to reproduce them?

See how the bones of the ear move!

Watch this simple illustration of how the ear bones move when a sound is heard.

Ear cells that Rock 'n' Roll

Watch a hair cell, found in the inner ear, dance!

Binaural Beats!

Listen to this natural phenomenon - is the sound real?